Thursday, June 30, 2016

blog under construction

since i'm currently on summer break i decided that i would be back with blogging. i guess i'll just have to fix a nicer blog design (and maybe even a new blog name) so for now the blog is under construction! :-)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Diary #6 : Sorry for not updating . . .

 Sorry for not updating

Since it's break I haven't been updating my blog, as you may have noticed. I haven't even done anything special during the break. 80% of it I spent in front of the computer. 20% is stuff like eating, using the bathroom and go to Ikea. School is tomorrow and I don't really want to go.  I feel like I've been lazy and tired about school lately. Not only school but also en everything. Life. 

I guess I've reached that period in life, that stage where you grow up and feel like shit and is all depressed and stuff. I feel anxious all the time. 

Time is ticking by so fast that it scares me. 

I can't believe that it's almost March, which means that we've already lived through 3 fucking months of 2014. 
6 months and it's already been half a year. 8 months and it's only 4 months until 2015.

I wish that time did not exist, only to realise that it actually does not exist and that there is no past and present.

It's not long till my birthday, and even if I turn 14 this year I feel just as small as ever. I'm still very childish to personality and behavior (maybe even mind?), and my appearance isn't mature in a bit. To the point my parents tell me to "grow up!" They tell me to think about the future. Act more like an adult. Get a talent and don't waste time on stuff you like to do but on more important things. 

And that scares me. We ourselves shape our future. What if I study a lot but don't get a job? My parents disapprove of my hobbies and interests and nothing I do seem to make them satisfied. 

Is it because that I'm your first child and oldest out of all my siblings that you put so much pressure on me? That I'm not allowed to do certain things but my siblings are? I can't wrap my mind around it. I know that you must listen to your parents because they know best and blah blah. So you're saying that you're 'protecting' me and that's why I'm not allowed to. Then why don't you 'protect' my siblings too?

This shit pisses me off more than anything. I sound like those depressed teenagers on tumblr. Funny thing I am.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Etude House haul ♡

Hello lovelies~!! Gonna share with you today what I got in the mail last week! Of course, everything turned out to be only from Etude House... I guess I'm too in love with them!

{ all the products that I got ; }  

✧ Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk {#PK004 Breathtaking Pink & #RD304 Thrilling Red }
✧ Etude House Drawing Eyebrow {#3 Brown }
✧ Etude House Color My Brows {#1 Rich Brown 
✧ Etude House Precious Mineral BB Pact {#W13 Natural Beige }

I had actually ordered the Any Cushion but they sent me the Precious Mineral BB Pact instead (T^T) Currently trying to solve it, though! Never happened before so it's not really a problem.
Update: They responded very quickly and I got a refund! I guess I'll have to order it again... /sigh

I really like the Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipsticks (what a long name...) from Etude House and I want to collect many of them! The packaging and product design is also just too cute and princess-y... a thing to expect from Etude House! I bought two, so now I own three lipsticks from the line. 

As always, I got a bunch of samples! Always so generous~ I kinda collect on samples now! Even though I think my friend own more samples than me... that's probably because I use the samples. Duh. #bricked

Bye for now~!! ♡

Monday, January 27, 2014

Diary #5 : Winter Wonderland

Guys~!! Sorry for not updating~!! ( ̄◇ ̄;)
Right now my internet connection is really slow, since we kinda used up all our internet for the month. Though also, I don't really know what to update... (says the one who is updating her Twitter 24/7)

It's been snowing all day, so the layers of snow outside is quite thick! I had a hard time walking to school since it was freezing cold and it was storming a bit. I kept getting sharp snowflakes in my eyes all the time, which was really annoying. 

Last week I also received parcels from eBay! However, they sent me one of the products wrong... /bricked
Trying to solve it, though! Gonna show you the stuff I got later~! ☃

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Korean Beauty Haul: Etude House & Holika Holika ♡

I had planned to blog about these sooner but I guess stuff got in the way (aka to lazy to blog about it + school...I got these things in the middle of the December, so I've already tested the products and some of the samples out, and I really like them so far ~♡
I love Korean beauty & skincare products! I ordered everything from various sellers on eBay.
I also got a looooot of samples. Koreans are so generous with them, keke~! ʕ̡̢̡*✪௰✪ૢʔ̢̡̢  

Etude House Baby Choux Base {#1 Mint}, Holika Holika Aqua Max Sebum Control Moisture Cream {Green} & lots of samples! ٩꒰ಂ❛ ▿❛ಂ꒱
I've been wanting to try the Etude House Baby Choux Base since Etude House released their Sweet Recipe line, so I was so happy when I got it! Actually it comes in a glass jar but I bought the tube version. I choose Mint since I've got redness on my face from acne and pimple marks and green acts as a counterpart to red. Also got samples from (Etude House), Tony Moly, Skin79, Skinfood and etc...

I needed a new moisturizer so I just picked a random one, which happened to be from Holika Holika. At first I didn't know why it was called Aqua but then I got some of it on my hand and it just melted to water. Haha. ;;

Etude House {Limited Edition} SHINee MiniME Be My Princess {Minho's Ms. Bloom} and Etude House Skin Mal:gem {Fresh} ♡

I BOUGHT MINHO'S PERFUME FROM ETUDE HOUSE! /Cue my screams in the background/

Seriously. The packaging is so freaking pretty. Like omg. So girly, pink and really cute! And the best part: Minho himself designed and created it along with the other SHINee members! #bricked
Which means that I've of course also got Taemin's perfume (since he's my ultimate bias /in SHINee/ and Minho's my second. (Yeah, I love my 2min.) which I bought last year.
It was also one of my first products from Etude House ♡

I also bought the Etude House Skin Mal:gem toner in Fresh (endorsed by SHINee, Fresh is by Minho... LOL I need to stop buying everything that has with SHINee to do orz) and I really love it ♡

That was pretty much everything I bought last month! I'm planning to do a review on everything later too :)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Pink makeup brushes

Look what I got in the mail yesterday last year! ;)
The set of pink brushes I had ordered from eBay! I was so happy when I received it, kekeke~
I got a pink PVC case with it too. In total there are 32 brushes.
Actually it's very affordable! I didn't expect so much since the set was quite cheap for 32 pcs ($16.24 only!). But the brushes turned out super soft and they look like they're gonna last long. Also... they're super pretty! Like seriously. They're pink! ♡
pvc case when folded
piiiiiink brushes ♡

Since I don't have anything to store the brushes in I rolled the case up. Like this (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♥

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Diary #4 : Merry KRISmas! ;) + rant on how SM Entertainment treat their idols; mind control & some illuminati?

Merry Christmas, everybody! Hope you all have a really nice Christmas spent with family or people you love. :) Me myself don't celebrate Christmas (since I'm not a Christian) but that's ok. I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas anyway ♡

found the cutest baby ever on tumblr ♡
I just had the biggest shock of my life! I was charging my computer and woke it up from sleep mode just to be met by a black screen. I nearly got a heart attack. I clicked on random letters on the keyboard but nothing happened. I knew the computer was on since when I closed it, the light on the side pulsed as to indicate sleeping mode; also, I could hear the hard disk running. However, when I got really close to the screen I could se the desktop and all the pages I had up! So I tried to restart it but I couldn't see the mouse and as before got no response from the keyboard whatsoever. I had a small panic attack of the thought of losing my computer. Seriously. Worst nightmare ever. How I solved it? I tried to restart it by holding in the Start button but it just made my computer go into sleep mode -___- After a few tries I heard that locking sound and I almost jumped of happiness because when I started the computer again, everything was back to normal! Maybe I should've predicted that this would happen since earlier today, my computer screen went black for a couple of seconds. Also, I installed the new software updates today so it might have something to do with it? I googled it and apparently it was a common problem among people who owned any Apple-computer. Apple even have instructions on how to fix it on their Support page. -_-;; I hope they fix it soon, because I looove my Macbook Pro and don't want to lose it!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Song of the Week: SHINee – Colorful { + SHINee The Wizard }

Warning: Super looooong post~!
{click continue reading if you want to;
1.  Read about SHINee The Wizard 
2.  Want to see the dance to Colorful
3.  or just think you can deal with my fangirling
4.  you are a shawol too}

if none of these above; I'll give you three seconds to run if you don't want to get your ass kicked

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Diary #3 : This lazy ass got a new belt

Hello ;;
So I haven't blogged at all even though I've planned to. Sorry...
I will try to update more often~ -_-;;

Today was the last day of the semester and it was pretty short! Seriously, time flies by really fast and I'm not saying this because it's something everyone says in the end of the year!
Basically I was in school for like an hour only. You know, go to school dressed nicely, greet people and wish them a Merry Christmas, give presents to your teachers and then accept your grades in an envelope. I dread the last part the most because I always get disappointed with my grades. My parents aren't that happy too even though I've got grades that would be considered pretty good by others. But if you've got Asian parents, you know what I mean. My grades has gotten worse since last year but you can blame that on new teachers and that they don't "know" us pupils well. 

isn't it pretteeeey
now I own three belts, yay
Other than that, I've got a new belt! Last Sunday it was graduation in kung fu and I passed, yay~ Well, now when I've mastered the kicks we should know I really need to kick myself in the ass so that I can have things done. Since it's holiday now, I need to get some things done! I have a strong feeling that I won't do any other things this holiday than procrastinating all day -_- I really need to change that!

"sana you really should stop procrastinating"

Friday, December 06, 2013

Diary #2 : Breakfast seems so far away

*sigh* what I ate for breakfast today... cheese-sandwiches & glasses of milk 

When I woke up today I was still sick, a little bit worse than yesterday and the day before yesterday but still, I had planned to go to school. However, with the storm rambling on outside we stayed at home. I think the storm is named Sven and is of class 3 but I'm not sure. 

I still can't believe that it is already December 6th, seriously! Time flies by really fast. Too fast for my liking! Even though it's winter here in Sweden, I don't really get cold when I go outside even though people say it's freezing cold. There's not even snow here yet.

But – today when the storm was at it worst and going all ninja over the place it actually started to snow! Sadly, I didn't really enjoy the first snowfall of this year. I couldn't even go outside and touch the snow. And the wind even blew away all the snow afterwards... >_<

I haven't done so much today anyway. I was "planning" to maybe, tidy my room? Do some homework? Watch some k-drama all day? Do you think I did that? ;;
*insert Apink's NoNoNo*