Thursday, December 05, 2013

Song of the Week: EXO – Miracles in December


EXO just released the music videos for the song Miracles in December from their upcoming Christmas album with the same name. Baekhyun and Chen sing in both the Korean and Chinese version, with Luhan in the Chinese vers. and D.O in the Korean vers. 

I think that the song is really beautiful! It's a really nice ballad and beautifully sad. Their vocals here are just sooo amazing and so good and their voices fit the song really well. They also express just enough emotion in their voices too, which gives the song a nice feel too it~

I really like the music video, they all look so (extremely handsome) and sad here. Sehun waiting with a bouquet of flowers; Kris(casso) painting a picture; Luhan preparing a gift; Kai playing all alone with a cute puppy etc... Also, Xiumin and Tao are using their powers in the videos too!
Frost and time control~

This song is perfect for Christmas! Going to play it all month. 

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