Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Diary #4 : Merry KRISmas! ;) + rant on how SM Entertainment treat their idols; mind control & some illuminati?

Merry Christmas, everybody! Hope you all have a really nice Christmas spent with family or people you love. :) Me myself don't celebrate Christmas (since I'm not a Christian) but that's ok. I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas anyway ♡

found the cutest baby ever on tumblr ♡
I just had the biggest shock of my life! I was charging my computer and woke it up from sleep mode just to be met by a black screen. I nearly got a heart attack. I clicked on random letters on the keyboard but nothing happened. I knew the computer was on since when I closed it, the light on the side pulsed as to indicate sleeping mode; also, I could hear the hard disk running. However, when I got really close to the screen I could se the desktop and all the pages I had up! So I tried to restart it but I couldn't see the mouse and as before got no response from the keyboard whatsoever. I had a small panic attack of the thought of losing my computer. Seriously. Worst nightmare ever. How I solved it? I tried to restart it by holding in the Start button but it just made my computer go into sleep mode -___- After a few tries I heard that locking sound and I almost jumped of happiness because when I started the computer again, everything was back to normal! Maybe I should've predicted that this would happen since earlier today, my computer screen went black for a couple of seconds. Also, I installed the new software updates today so it might have something to do with it? I googled it and apparently it was a common problem among people who owned any Apple-computer. Apple even have instructions on how to fix it on their Support page. -_-;; I hope they fix it soon, because I looove my Macbook Pro and don't want to lose it!

Back to Holidays and such: f(x) and EXO had a Christmas Wonderland concert today! But, f(x) only got to sing 8 own songs than EXO who got to sing 14 own songs. That's really unfair since f(x) today had their first concert since their debut, which was 4 years ago. They don't even have an official fanclub or fandom color yet! I don't like how SM Entertainment treat f(x), seriously. They deserve more! :( I don't like how SM treat their bands different. Like how they, kinda, spoil EXO to much. Well, you can see that they are SM's favorite right now. The amount of money spent on EXO's music videos are no joke. It's different from how SM treat f(x) or even SHINee. Just for the Pink Tape album by f(x) to release, fans kind of had to demand SM to let f(x) even release something.
Also, SHINee has to work up to the top themselves, remember how they debuted? They just suddenly debuted out of nowhere. No one had seen them coming. It's like SM are testing them, to see how long they're gonna last. They work so hard that it saddens me to see them so exhausted and tired these days. Jonghyun said that they almost never do what SM says to them anymore. Instead, they do they own path. (Well that explains a lot. Just look at their concert, 'The Wizard'. The others' concerts was normal compared to SHINee's lol.) Also, have you guys seen Taemin these days? He doesn't smile as often as before. He look so exhausted and he often zone out of space. And his eyes. His eyes. They look dead. Like he have no soul left. I think he's broken. He wants to retire at the age 30 already. Maybe idol life isn't as good as you might've imagined at first?
Have you seen the bandage he has on his arm? He have kept it for a long time now. That drives my thought to the rumors that SM beat or torture (physically and mentally) their idols and trainees. Have you heard about the mind programming stuff they do to them? That's really sick. And the most sickest part is that they hint it in their songs or music videos. For SHINee we can take three examples: Lucifer, Dream Girl and Everybody.

Lucifer is a song about being trapped and controlled by some evil force. It's sick how upbeat and catchy the song is when it can have a second meaning to it. They have the 'handcuff dance' or a choreography where it looks like they're on handcuffs while they're dancing. And you know the end of the choreography? Where they point one finger up and one down as they say Lucifer? Baphomet. It's a symbol that has to do with satan/illuminati (note: in k-pop they use illuminati for money, unlike American artists). Also, on one of their performances they were surrounded by a checkerboard pattern. Puppets? On that same performance they also performed Up & Down. Up & down. Do you get it?

For Everybody, they dance like toy robots. Robots. Do you get what I mean? Robots are controlled. Someone that noticed that they danced on a chessboard in the music video? Also, as they lay down in the end of the choreography, they point their fingers up. Up? Where? Who are you pointing at?

Basically the they dance like toy robots being controlled and at the end they're so used and worn out that they collapse on the floor.

In Dream Girl, you see how everything happens in their minds, or well, the members are confused and don't know what's reality and dream and the screen keep blipping and zapping. But let's see it from another point: Mind programming/mind control. There's stuff going on about SM mind programming their idols and that's really creepy. There's more signs but I'm too tired to come up with more right now /yawns
I would like to do more research and write about them later.
Remember: SM Entertainment is basically the biggest entertainment company (or what to call it) in Korea. They can make ANYONE a star ANYTIME. Except for rumors about slave contract and them mistreating their idols and trainees there are some saying that they force their idols into doing plastic surgery.

One thing I'm fearing is that history chooses to repeat itself. You know the whole issue with TVXQ/DBSK and the whole lawsuit thingy? There are many signs showing that SHINee might be next. And I fear that, I totally dread it. :(
But f(x) can aswell be the next too, with the little attention they get from the company.

slapping some 2min in yo face or else i cant sleep peacefully

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