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Song of the Week: SHINee – Colorful { + SHINee The Wizard }

Warning: Super looooong post~!
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Oh, you clicked~! *moved to tears* Here, have some cake ❤

Hi everyone! Currently weeping blood over SHINee's perfection ;_____; so this post was supposed to be published right after the mv was released but I did other stuff instead, sorry ;w; actually I fell asleep with my laptop in bed but if you want to keep up with me and see what I do, follow me on Twitter! I'm just going to warn you in beforehand that I tweet really much OuO;; check out the 'Contact me' page to see my accounts~

This music video is a gift from SHINee to us fans, it's kind of a thank you gift I think. They also released it because Billboard ranked them as top 10 World Album Artists this year.
I really like this mv, it's colorful and it makes me happy ~ I love the ending! It was cute ❤
In this music video you see behind the scenes footage to the music videos they've released this year (sadly, only the Korean ones) as they decorate a Christmas tree (or well; more like...


{ credit: seoulers @ tumblr }

Also, today SHINee had their concert! It was chaos on Twitter and everybody retweeted and tweeted updates and pictures about the concert so it was almost like I was there too. It was chaos on Twitter, everytime I refreshed my t-list there was ten new tweets, haha. Oh, what I wished that I was there too! It looked like it was SHINee's best concert ever. Since the concert was named 'The Wizard' everyone had expected them to like, perform some magic tricks and maybe dress up like wizards so I guess things that happened was a big surprise! I mean, nobody expected Jonghyun to rap with Key while looking like a sexy Santa - shirtless with red kiss marks all over the torso and sunglasses. I was mostly surprised over the fact that he could rap! He is really great at it. Jonghyun seriously is something.

There was a fun JongKey moment when they rapped, and it was when
Key shouted: "when I say Jong, you say Key!" 
and they all shouted "Key!"
So basically they screamed JongKey. I will never get over this performance.
Here's a fancam of them rapping:

The concert started with SM Rookies (lol, SM, I see what you did there) performing some songs. The Key did the opening act by making the SHINee members appear out of thin air.

The most fun thing must be the VCR I think. SHINee made a skit of Wizard of Oz. It's really funny! I laughed so much watching this. Jonghyun crossdressing as Dorothy, Onew as the Tin Man, Minho as a scarecrow cardboard cut-out (because ge was busy filming his drama he couldn't film the VCR) and Taemin as the Cowardly Lion ❤ Taemin as a lion was the cutest! His cute butt wiggle caused my death ;; and odg Key as the evil witch! They defeated him by removing his eyeliner. xD I'm never gonna get over this and I laughed so much at the flying kick Jonghyun sent to Minho.

SHINee also performed Hitchhiking, Nightmare and Colorful but I've only found the fancams for Colorful. The choreography looks so happy and fun. I really want to learn it huehuehue ;u;

I think this part amazed me the most.
Taemin sang a self-composed rock ballad called 'Cry for me'. I think it was beautiful, and I really wish I was there T___T it's so full of emotion and raw and directly from the heart! His voice is amazing too. It sent shivers down my spine. And the fact that Taemin himself made the song, just.... ;____; it's nice hear something that is Taemin's, I mean, like, Lee Taemin. It was so pretty in the end too, when those red things started to fall all around Taemin. It really matched his song, and the clothes he wore where hot eheh ;~; black knight Taemin ❤
Also, the song itself kinda felt personal?
It looked like he was about to cry... or am I just imagine things? xD
What if the song is to someone, someone that he loves but can have? (because of his career)
This makes me sad. Because I want him to be happy. Even though the girl isn't me.

Minho and Onew performed Macarena but changed the lyrics so that it was about SHINee and SHINee World instead. Onew first sang the 'In Your Eyes' OST from To The Beautiful You but stopped abruptly and walked off the stage while pretending to cry and then Minho Jackson appeared. Minho danced to Blue Jean and killed time while Onew was busy sticking fake hair to his chest with duct tape. LOL, this two really... xD

This fancam of them performing 'Ready or Not', 'Get It', 'Get Down' and 'Up & Down' is really cool but kinda awkward to watch somehow :D soooo much MinKey rapping in these. idk really what it is that makes it awkward to watch but yeah, I like it anyway. They basically just jump and spin around the stage all energetically. Really energetically. :D Especially under 'Ready or Not'.
Minho did you get dizzy there? xDDD

Okay, this is gonna be the last fancam I'm posting today, and is probably one of my favourite performances. In this one their performing 'In My Room' and they kinda re-made the song or something, but Minho got to sing more lines! AND HE'S REALLY GOOD AT SINGING I TELL YOU. Their voices just melt into each other beautifully, harmonically. I would easily pick this song if I would have to choose a song to listen to before bed. It's beautiful. ❤

If someone even read this ass-long post, high-five to you~ Can't believe you made it so far. I wonder how Shawols who got to experience all this irl and who were at the concert survived. I would've died already at Taemin's performance.
Good night. I need to sleep now, I think~ 

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