Thursday, December 19, 2013

Diary #3 : This lazy ass got a new belt

Hello ;;
So I haven't blogged at all even though I've planned to. Sorry...
I will try to update more often~ -_-;;

Today was the last day of the semester and it was pretty short! Seriously, time flies by really fast and I'm not saying this because it's something everyone says in the end of the year!
Basically I was in school for like an hour only. You know, go to school dressed nicely, greet people and wish them a Merry Christmas, give presents to your teachers and then accept your grades in an envelope. I dread the last part the most because I always get disappointed with my grades. My parents aren't that happy too even though I've got grades that would be considered pretty good by others. But if you've got Asian parents, you know what I mean. My grades has gotten worse since last year but you can blame that on new teachers and that they don't "know" us pupils well. 

isn't it pretteeeey
now I own three belts, yay
Other than that, I've got a new belt! Last Sunday it was graduation in kung fu and I passed, yay~ Well, now when I've mastered the kicks we should know I really need to kick myself in the ass so that I can have things done. Since it's holiday now, I need to get some things done! I have a strong feeling that I won't do any other things this holiday than procrastinating all day -_- I really need to change that!

"sana you really should stop procrastinating"

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